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Corporate Training Testimonials Testimonials May 2013

Ruth is very friendly and approachable. Her calm demeanour makes you feel relaxed and comfortable in her workshop. Ruth explained exactly what the course was about and gave us objectives for the day. I personally love creative workshops like this so thoroughly enjoyed it. It is so pleasantly surprising what you get out of the exercises. I found that communication is key when working with others. The tasks highlighted this and gave us food for thought for how we should communicate in the work place. I think most people who attended the course would agree that working with people across the business is beneficial because you then know who does what and how they can help you etc. My port of calls I have completed as a result of this course have been so beneficial because I now understand the business better, staff know who I am and what I can help them with and I have built better relationships which being in HR is useful for both myself and the staff member.

   Shelley Davies

The day’s activities gave me ideas for new ways of problem solving and brain storming within a team that I could apply to my every day work life….

   Cerian John

I found Ruth to be extremely easy to talk to. She puts you at ease and has you feeling relaxed very quickly, which is great because you can then get on and just enjoy the course.
The course itself was good fun, something completely different to your day job. It was a good opportunity to meet and get to know others from around the business, whilst having a lot of fun.

I’d recommend it to anyone.

   Steve Bright

Ruth provided a great course and brought a lot of energy and passion to the room. She was both clear in her description of the goal as well as able to provide advice when needed. The workshop helped me to integrate with employees whom I hadn’t met before, and this helped me in building professional relationships with those team members.
   Lloyd Badran

What I liked most about the course was that I felt I properly met other members of the department in a very collaborative environment away from the everyday work divide

   Matt Crole-Rees

I thought the course was really good. I didn’t have high expectations but it was tied in really well with what we do at work and how we could improve in areas we thought we weren’t good at.

5 stars from me.

   Jos Davies

This was a great course, it was a chance to be creative at work and contribute to a group project. I learnt a lot about colleagues with some amazing hidden talents and about communication. Ruth was great, she wasn’t over enthusiastic, she helped us to achieve our goals whilst giving us creative freedom. She was really approachable and very supportive

   Georgina Kent

Here is an overview on my action plan and the result of completing it.

Action: Sit in another team area for a week.

Result: Spent last week working at a desk with the Compliance team.

Introduced to 3 members of staff that I had not spoken to previously. Joined their tea club or the week :) Learnt more about the function of the Compliance team. Sitting next to Simon helped us organise security related work that will be deployed next week. Previously this work had kept being delayed due to workloads etc.

Sitting within another area of the building also meant that I spoke to members of other teams that I may not have necessarily had the time or chance to speak to. Everyone was also very keen to find out why I was actually sitting in a desk with the Compliance team.

All in all a very good method of getting to know other teams and what that team actually does. In fact I am hoping to sit in with another team sometime during February and then ongoing every 2 months for the rest of 2013.

   Steve Mitchel


Business Performance

Each person was asked to reflect on the tasks and think of a measurable goal/objective that they could work on going forward.

Many were based on improving communication across teams and departments so people set themselves targets, some examples of these;

· Port of calls in all areas – 1/month

· Get to know 5 more people in the company – 3months

· Sit in another team and work from the new desk – By Christmas

· Go and meet the person who has emailed me – on-going

These set goals have proven very successful for reason already mentioned and for the business as a whole. If our staff our communicating we can identify strengths and weaknesses in all areas. We can work on these together and utilise everyone’s skills to improve processes and make the customer experience the best that we can.

It was mentioned that we have a Talent Bank to say who can do what. We have put staff member’s qualifications on our intranet but are looking into the talent bank idea which can include more than specific qualifications such as skills.

HR has communicated out to the business the importance of an agenda and or to brainstorm ideas before going to a meeting. This will make sure that the meeting is productive and that every member will have involvement.

People felt that in their new starter introduction they would like to be given information on which people are and what they do, we have made this part of the process by arranging a port of call with all teams in their first week. That way they are meeting people straight away and having a better understanding of the business by the end of week one.

We have established that staff love food type fun events so we have started introducing this through our friendly culture club to bring everyone together.

We are still working on making improvements to different things as a result of Ruth’s course and look forward to seeing more results over the next year.

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