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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Day 11 - Chroma 5


The one I almost didn’t make… Chroma 5 was the last set of tiles I assembled. I wasn’t sure that any of the tiles I had left belonged together to make a set, but after looking at them in various arrangements for weeks this set of 3 tiles finally found each other. If I’m ever unsure about work I find that leaving it somewhere conspicuous in my studio for a while, and seeing it out of the corner of my eye, is the best way to decide what to do with it. Chroma 5 has since proved to be very popular.

Today I have been back in my studio playing with pigments again and making new resin tiles. I’ve had a number of commissions recently; someone has requested three sets of tiles based on Chroma 5, and although the process makes it impossible to replicate accurately, at least I can aim to get the colours similar. The pigment colours can be picked to suit the client, as can the choice of plants for plant pigment tiles. This makes my resin tiles customisable, and a perfect gift! I’ve also had a set requested using pigment from wedding flowers… a lovely way to remember a special day.

Commission some of your own either by contacting me or gallery/ten.

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