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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Chroma Utopia

r u t h   m c l e e s
chroma utopia
8 – 30 november 2013

tuesday-friday 10-6 | saturday 10-5

gallery/ten presents a solo exhibition by artist ruth mclees. mclees graduated from university of wales institute cardiff in 2004 + has since widely exhibited her vibrant portraits throughout the uk

‘chroma utopia’ is a body of 28 new works which showcase mclees’ latest experimentation into the crossover of art + science. mclees’ fascination with layering – that of placing transparent glazes over the surface of a painting – has become the recognisable signature of her practice. this recent collection of work sees a natural progression to mclees’ portraits, where glazes, resin + glues skilfully interact with the image underneath, serving to highlight + reveal the painted figure

inspired by the work of the 19th century german analytical chemist, f.f. runge, mclees transformed her studio into a laboratory in order to explore the artistic potential of industrial + scientific materials. the results emerging from this experimentation are presented here in a series of colourful, jewel-like paintings, where pigments are separated into their pure components to create chromatic glazes from which utopian figures emerge; ‘perfect colour + perfect beauty are united’
all work will be for sale + collectorplan is available. for further information on the artist, see

click here to download the exhibition catalogue

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