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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Materials and Making Workshop Published on Design Wales Forum

In September of this year I was asked to run some workshops for post-grad Architecture students at Cardiff University.

These workshops were to encourage the students to spend some time engaged in hands-on creative activities, as an antidote to all the time they spend working on computer screens. It was also about translating 3 dimensions into 2D and then back again into 3D.

This was an interactive programme about handling materials and losing inhibitions. It consisted of drawing and 3D making using a variety of materials and methods. The aim was to free students up to use materials and processes intuitively without thinking too much. Students can become precious and perfectionist and perhaps have a fear of experimentation and of getting things 'wrong'. So I devised exercises to force the students to work quickly and with unusual materials which perhaps didn't behave in the ways they anticipated...

You can read more about this project on the Design Wales Forum blog here.