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Friday, 20 July 2012

Resin Scarf for Liberty, London

If you've been reading my Tweets, you may have heard that a scan taken from one of my resin pieces has been chosen by the fashion house Liberty as a design for a silk scarf. I have been working with Richard Weston who already produces the most beautiful designs for Liberty scarves, all based on scans taken from mineral rocks such as quartz and fluorite, but this foray into the world of man-made materials is something new.

Copyright Weston Earth Images Ltd
What's amazing though is the similarity between the patterns found in natural materials, and the patterns in man-made (resin) when viewed up close. Take a look at the pictures of my scarf and see for yourself.

The scarf will be on sale soon at the Liberty store on Regent Street, London and also online.
Resin Scarf
Copyright Weston Earth Images Ltd

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