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Monday, 8 August 2011

I am the Fittest Artist That I Know Of

There are so very many artists in the world; it's a tough game making my artwork stand out in front. But then I am tough so that's ok.

Besides making unique, distinctive and beautiful paintings, there's something else that makes me tick... Let me explain.

It's took me a while to pluck up the courage to pursue my dream of becoming an artist. To say the years between leaving school and deciding to pack in my job to take up my dream place on a Fine Art degree course were messy and out of control would be an understatement. But with art came passion, motivation and a will to succeed that I didn't know I possessed. And so the new me was born. But it's tough ditching the old, bad habits. How to deal with the lows of rejection and fear of failure which so often follow on from a creation high? What to do when optimism is brought crashing down with a single word and self doubt threatens to cause self destruction?

The answer was easy: toughen up! For me, I discovered that a strong body = a strong mind. Physical challenges release me from artistic torment and strife and put me in a sane place.

So I guess what I'm trying to say here is that the creative insanity of art drives me to sport, but also that sport and physical challenges feed my art. The sense of pleasure I derive from seeing muscle structure developing on my own body (anatomy for the artist in the flesh!) or on the body of one of my clients (for I am now also a qualified strength trainer with a goal of creating beautiful bodies and passing on my love for fitness and the healing and restorative powers of sport) is another step forward in my ultimate search for aesthetic perfection.

I love beautiful forms and strive to make every piece of my artwork into a thing of beauty. I reckon art should bring about a powerful aesthetic response in the viewer. My fascination is with beauty of form, of line, the beauty of a pattern and the way that various images can be made to interact and work together.

A Lacuna

It's the challenge of making something beautiful from base materials that I love, whether transforming the human body through exercise or transforming canvas and fabrics through resin and paint.

And so my obsessive quest goes on. I have so many ideas in my head and in numerous books that sometimes I feel I will explode. Whenever things get too much for me I go and run or pick up the heaviest weight I can find and this gives me the head space I need to continue painting. I'm constantly anazed by what my body can do, particularly after all those years of being treated so badly. I now have the gym record for female deadlift (140kg) and compete in Crossfit and strength competitions.

Competing in UK Strength and Power Series
70kg one handed deadlift

I'm also constantly amazed by the things I can create. Looking at a painting that's amazing and thinking "I made that," is truly a great experience.

The combination of art and fitness is possibly an unusual one, and I usually get surprised reactions from people in either world when I say what I do, but it works for me. Artists of all kinds are known for being tormented by demons and plagued by creative blocks and perhaps that is what drives us to create. And with so many dubious and unhealthy coping strategies about I feel lucky to have found something that saves me from this downwards spiral without destroying myself at the same time.

Perhaps more artists should give it a go.

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